Fire Extinguisher VTE

Learn the basics of fire fighting without the risks in this Virtual Training Environment.

Designed as part of an on-line fire warden training course to test and increase the Understanding of the student with regard to the use of a fire extinguisher, with the potential to also take them into applying Skills as they are actively applying what they have learned, albeit in a virtual (and thus totally safe) environment. They will have completed a more traditional e-learning package (providing the Knowledge element) prior to this package.

Completion of this part of the training package before attending a classroom-based session prepares the student for the key concepts of using a fire extinguisher. The aim is not to replace practical training but to bridge the gap between practical application and a didactic presentation - like traditional e-learning - ensuring the students arrive at the classroom with an advanced understanding of the subject before the practical training has even started.

This makes the classroom training more efficient, shorter and more effective as all the students will be starting from a level field of knowledge. Also, shorter lessons = shorter courses = cost savings.

Key learning descriptors and points covered in the package:

  • Aiming at the base of the fire for effective use of the extinguisher
  • Using the entire contents of the extinguisher to ensure the fire is out
  • The importance of prompt action to fight the fire before it grows out of control

Feedback is provided on the student's performance and the scenario is re-playable, so the student can explore different actions & outcomes.

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Zombelie Acopalypse

Be the first to escape the apocalypse!


Material Merger

Streamline your Unity projects!

Material Merger is a Unity Editor tool that can streamline any project by reducing the number of materials used. It finds duplicate and similar materials (how similar is up to you) and swaps out the unnecessary materials in all the renderers in your project's GameObjects and uninstantiated prefabs, so that those unused materials can then be deleted if you desire.

Over the course of a small to medium-sized project, the number of materials can number into the hundreds and thousands if not monitored closely during the modelling and importing stages. Material Merger will save you huge amounts of time and resources by removing duplicate materials and making your project easier to manage. Once installed, Material Merger is accessed from the Tools menu in the Unity Editor.

Material Merger v1.2 supports Unity 5 Standard Shaders and the following Legacy shaders:

  • Diffuse
  • Bumped Diffuse
  • Transparent Diffuse
  • Transparent Bumped Diffuse
  • Specular
  • Bumped Specular
  • Transparent Specular
  • Unlit Transparent
  • VertexLit


Tutorial Video

Material Merger on Unity Forums

Material Merger on the Unity Asset Store


Scene Console

Debug your code & change variables on the fly in the Unity Web Player!

What can be more frustrating than a bug that only rears its head in the Unity Webplayer? Unlike the Unity Editor, you are far more restricted in debugging features in the web player, so what options do you have if you want to change variables on the go, or check the properties of a variable, class or function?

With Scene Console you have the facility to access a console within your webplayer scene at the press of a (user-defined!) button. With the ability to get and set variable values, list script methods, fields and parameters, execute simple functions and even list Game Objects and scripts from the console, you'll find that the Scene Console is a real help.

Scene Console manual

Scene Console on the Unity Asset Store