10103 offers a wide variety of software services.

From custom-written Windows programs to fulfil any purpose to e-learning & websites.


From basic e-learning to advanced 3D virtual training, learning should be fun and interesting.


Web site design and creation, from small to large sites, from HTML to PHP & Javascript frameworks.


Bespoke apps and software designed according to your needs and wishes, for Windows and Android.


Game dev & Unity Editor tool creation for fast prototyping and development.

Producing functional, practical and fun stuff is always at the forefront of my mind. I'm one person, programming / scripting / 3D modelling / texturing / designing my way through web development and games & e-learning creation through the Unity platform.

I am a qualified trainer & assessor (I hold an Advanced Certificate in Education and I am a certified A1 Assessor, with over 10 years experience in both fields) - enabling the creation of advanced e-learning packages with my self-taught computer skills:

  • C#
  • VB.Net
  • PHP
  • UnityScript
  • Javascript
  • Ruby
  • jQuery
  • Python
  • Blender 3D modelling
  • Unity Development

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